What is RCsocial.net?

Welcome to RCsocial.net, a friendly social networking space for those with an interest in Catholicism.

Join us — being Catholic is not required. All seekers of truth are welcome here. We ask only that everyone be respectful of each other, remembering always that God created every person in His image and with equal human dignity.

(NOTE: RCsocial.net has just launched in July 2018 and is in its
very early stage. Join us and contribute to get the ball rolling!)

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RCsocial.net is a Catholicism focused instance of the Mastodon social network.

This is a place for English language folks interested in Catholicism to thrive. Anyone – Catholic or not – is welcome to join the discussion. Our only "rule" is to respect Christian values (so show civility towards each other, no NSFW content, etc.). Feel free to discuss topics outside our primary interest area whenever you wish.

Ask questions, offer reflections, share news, or just let us know how things are going.
Folks here are happy to pray for you.

See our friendly and concise User Guide for detailed information!

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